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Why You Deserve Abundance

I understand that many of us struggle to create or maintain enough money and a life of abundance. Are you unconsciously bound to experiences of money scarcity caused by:woman swimming in dollar bills

  • Poor money skills and beliefs that you learned from your parents
  • A fear-based society that has led you to believe that we are collectively in a state of financial distress
  • Guilt about having money or abundance and the belief that there is not enough for everyone (i.e. if I have abundance, someone else will suffer)
  • The belief that you can’t create more money or abundance because of your past financial mistakes
  • The influence of your past generations and past lives who experienced serious money related distress

You Are Worthy Of Abundance!

The truth is there is an everlasting abundance that you can tap into. You are completely worthy just as you are right now. Money, wealth and abundance are meant for everyone. Over time, society has mistakenly run off course creating fear, limitations and beliefs that keep individuals living in poverty mentality.

We are meant to align with the beautiful energy of the Universe. We are meant to receive as well as give. The Spiritual Energy of Money allows the proper flow so that we can earn by doing what we love and wish well for all others without fear of losing anything ourselves.

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Don’t Let The Negative Beliefs Of Money Scarcity Ruin Your Life

Please don’t let the limiting beliefs of money scarcity rule your life. As a Money Reiki Master, I can help you quickly resolve the negative patterns, stuck energy and limiting beliefs that may be ruling your life.

And you can also set a new intention for yourself for the highest good and best use of money. You can begin to become aware of any patterns you have that are based in fear. Listen carefully to any internal stories that come up when you feel threatened. If the stories, beliefs and patterns don’t serve you, then consciously begin to embrace new ones that do serve your highest good.

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