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Money Reiki works to strengthen your energetic system in the area of money. The energy clearing will do the work without your intellectual knowledge. Although you may have knowledge of some past experiences which have left you with negative or limiting energy, it’s not important or necessary that you know about all or any of those experiences.pretty woman holding fanned money cropped

Heal Your Money Issues

In relation to money, we all have different issues. Some of us have negative energy deeply embedded in our psyche due to money crisis in recent or past generations of our family or past lives.

Others have only relatively minor issues regarding manifesting and managing money. Therefore, some individuals will select a one-time session while others know in advance that they will need multiple sessions.

Before scheduling your healing with me below, it’s important to review these steps regarding your healing session. By purchasing one or more sessions, you agree to this simple process.

  • One Healing Session: $25
  • Three Healing Sessions: $20 each (total $60)
  • BEST VALUE: Six Healing Sessions: $15 each (total $90)

(All prices are in US Currency)

Money Reiki Healing Session

The healing dates always take place at the same time: the FIRST TUESDAY of each month at 9 AM USA ET timezone and the THIRD THURSDAY of each month at 7 PM USA ET timezone. Here is a timezone converter to help you find your healing time based on where you are in the world: